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Is there anything I can do about fireplaces?

Ottawa painting main room

This is a tough one. Painting masonry generally is possible, but not necessarily recommended. When considering painting, for example, the outside of a brick house, consider when and how often it will have to be applied! Weather, including heat and moisture, will force you to reapply roughly every 5 years, given the context and individual circumstances.

Now when addressing interior masonry painting, similar thinking applies. Fireplaces like the ones in the image above can be painted. But again, consider the circumstances. If prepping for a sale, painting the entire surface is an option. This can provide a clean look. In the scenario above, the client was preparing for a sale. We recommended to paint only the small inside compartment of the fireplace, and to prime it first and cover with black, while leaving the rest of the masonry alone.

But if it's for your own home, fire, soot, smoke will all affect the finished surface. Consider this before applying paint to it.

Happy painting!

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