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Those Tricky Corners

When a corner comes together like in this photo - and the two wall faces that meet have different colour sides - how do you make sure one doesn't bleed on to the other when you roll it? This was a question recently asked by friends of Letts Paint, as they were preparing to renovate parts of their home.

The answer is relatively straightforward and can broken down into two steps. First, assuming the two colours are different, you'll want to paint with the lighter of the two colours first. This way, if you make a mistake and go over the corner on the other side, it will be easier to cover with the second colour (than the other way around).

Second, it's recommended to have less paint on the roller when painting on, or closer to, the corner's edge. In other words, either dip less of the roller's surface in the paint tray, or offload the first few rolls on a different surface. This way, there will be less paint that will bleed over onto the other wall once you begin.

Happy painting!

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