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The Trick with Grout

Say you've got an older home and the previous tenants decided to paint some of the rooms themselves. And let's say they weren't too prudent, and paint has gotten everywhere, including in between ceramic tiles, or other places where grout is present.

Given that it's probably been a while, the paint has likely set and it will be hard to pick off. Scraping may damage the grout and make it discoloured. The good news is that there are a few options.

1) If the existing paint is water-soluble, look to apply methyl hydrate to a rag and wipe the paint with a bit of force to dislodge it. Methyl hydrate, while poisonous and flammable, will not corrode the skin, nor should it damage the surrounding ceramic substrate.

2) If you're looking to apply more of a teethwhitening effect to the grout, look to products like grout pens ( They colour and cover existing paint and grout to appear newer and less faded.

Happy painting!

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